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19 Nov 2019

Our Expert Sharing our New Innovation & Technology with Industry Elites

Trane Hong Kong has always been dedicated to developing new innovation and technology solutions to optimize and deliver ultra-high performance HVAC products and solutions to enhance indoor and neighbourhood environmental quality in areas of health, safety and liveability. Moreover, we always take strong initiative to embrace and engage our stakeholders to communicate the economic significance of our flagship innovative technologies of Trane CenTraVac™ and Ascend™ Chillers, which have gained the Platinum Rating of HK G-PASS of CIC Green Product Certification and the Grand Award of the Building Products & Technologies Category in the Green Building Award 2019. Our Ir K T Cheuk, Head of Engineering, delivers a talk at CIC Sustainable Construction Award 2020 and Green Product Certification Launching Ceremony to share his experience on Platinum rated green products of Trane.

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05 Nov 2019

Trane Hong Kong Awarded with Green Building Award 2019

Trane Hong Kong has been awarded with the Grand Award of the Building Products & Technologies Category in the Green Building Award 2019 for our flagship green innovation product: the new Trane CenTraVac™ Chillers @R514A. This evening, Mr. Frankie Chan, Managing Director of Trane Hong Kong (4th from R), together with his management team, receives the Green Building Award from Mr. Michael Wong, JP, Secretary for Development (4th from L) in Hong Kong.

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24 Sep 2019

Trane Hong Kong Honored with The Association of Energy Engineers Award 2019

Trane Hong Kong was honoured with the Association of Energy Engineers (AEE) Asia-Pacific Rim Regional Innovative Energy Project of the Year Award 2019 in Washington D.C., USA. The aim of this Award is to recognize innovative energy projects in Asia-Pacific Rim Region that have been in operation for at least 6 months and can be substantiated with actual installation costs and operating savings.

"It is a great honor to receive this international award on behalf of our team. This is a high recognition of Trane's innovative technology in energy efficiency and its application." said Mr. Frankie Chan, Managing Director of Trane Hong Kong. “Our strategic energy project result is extremely motivating and it certainly illustrates the effectiveness of the application of innovation and technology solutions in pushing forward the energy saving and climate action as well as generating maximum return on investment.”

Caption: Frankie Chan, Managing Director of Trane Hong Kong (Center) receives the AEE Award from Bill Kent, Executive Director of AEE (Right) and Lori Moen, President of AEE in Washington D.C., USA.

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17 Sep 2019

Trane Hong Kong Expert Speaking at HKIE Technical Seminar: Energy Simulation for Chiller Plant

As you know, chiller plant is a major energy contributor in buildings, which spends around half of total building energy. Trane TRACE™ 700 is a powerful and updated software which meets the requirements for ASHRAE Standard 90.1-2004 and LEED® Green Building Rating System. It helps engineers optimize the design of HVAC in both energy utilization and life-cycle cost. This seminar is conducted by Dr. Jenny Bao, our Green & Energy Engineer to introduce the application of Trane TRACETM 700 and the energy simulation of the chiller plant in Hong Kong commercial buildings.

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05 Sep 2019

Trane Supporting Biz-Green Dress Day

As the patron member of the Hong Kong Green Building Council (HKGBC), we always support their green events to drive "Hong Kong's Climate Action Plan 2030+".

2019, Trane Hong Kong continues to be one of the supporting organizations of Hong Kong Green Building Week and we joined their Biz-Green Dress Day again on this day to dress light and reduce carbon footprint! To be sure, we are building a better green environment for our future generations if we all make it a habit!

13 Aug 2019

Project Commencement Ceremony for Chiller Renovation at Jardine House

Mr. Frankie Chan, our Managing Director (R) has participated in the Project Commencement Ceremony at Jardine House with Mr. Kenneth Foo, Executive Director of the Hong Kong Land (3rd from R). Four sets of Trane CenTraVac™ Chillers in total and Trane Controls for heat recovery chiller will be adopted in this renovation project to achieve ultra high performance and reduce carbon emission.

6 Aug 2019

Trane Supports Green Innovation and Technology Day

Mr. Frankie Chan, our Managing Director (R) has taken part in the Green Innovation & Technology Day at Hong Kong Science Park to support the promotion of energy conservation and the use of renewable energy through the application of green innovation and technology. This event was jointly organised by the Environment Bureau and the Electrical and Mechanical Services Department.

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Jul 2019

“Climate Action Plan: New Era of Adopting Trane CenTraVac™ Chillers @R514A” with ENG Subtitles NOW!

“Climate Action Plan: New Era of Adopting Trane CenTraVac™ Chillers @R514A” is available on our YouTube channel with ENG Subtitles. Watch Now

14 May 2019

“Climate Action Plan: New Era of Adopting Trane CenTraVac™ Chillers @R514A” Premiere on 5.14

In this episode, we focus on introducing TWO of our governmental projects, including Queensway Government Offices and Tuen Mun Hospital. For these HVAC renovation projects, our HK G-PASS platinum rated products, Trane CenTraVac™ Chillers @HFO have been adopted to achieve excellence in performance, energy efficiency, low-emission and low-noise. Moreover, adoption of Trane green products especially CenTraVac™ @R514A is an efficient and effective way to fulfill the environmental goals of “Hong Kong 2030+”. Click here to watch the video NOW!

Apr 2019

Trane Latest Corporate Video will soon be Online

Our latest video “New Era of Adopting Trane CenTraVac™ Chillers @R514A” is now at the post-production stage. Please subscribe our YouTube Channel and stay tuned for more videos.

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4 Apr 2019

Trane Long Service Awards 2019

Trane has always regarded all our staff as the most vital assets. Hence, we are grateful to our team members from Trane Hong Kong and Trane Service Hong Kong who received the Trane Long Service Awards for their contributions to the Group over the years. On this day, Mr. John Chan (R), General Manager of Trane Hong Kong and Mr. Danis Chan (L), General Manager of Trane Service Hong Kong present prizes to our award-winning colleagues.

6 Mar 2019

Safe Use of Chemical, Electricity & LOTO Procedure

Occupational safety and health have always been utmost important for Trane. Hence we arrange safety training courses for our technical team regularly. On this day, Trane Service Hong Kong held the training session of "Safe Use of Chemical, Electricity & LOTO Procedure" at our training center so as to share the latest information and knowledge with all our technical staff.

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Feb 2019

Our Engineers Attending GTP at Trane’s USA Headquarter

Trane always focuses on talent training. Ms. Rachel Zhang, our engineer from Trane Hong Kong has completed a 4-month Graduate Training Program (GTP) organized by Trane’s USA Headquarter in La Crosse, Wisconsin last year. Total 47 trainees from all over the world are required to pass all different stringent tests in order to equip themselves not only comprehensive knowledge of HVAC, refrigerant, product, system and controls application, but also personal professionalism and teamwork development. This year, Mr. Jeffrey Lam from Trane Service Hong Kong is now participating in the GTP, too.

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28 Jan 2019

Trane Hong Kong Annual Dinner Party – Celebration of a New Height of Success

The Grand Annual Dinner of Trane Hong Kong, Trane Service Hong Kong and Hong Kong Air-conditioning Parts Centre was held at Maxim's Palace, Central City Hall.

Mr. Frankie Chan, Managing Director delivered his opening speech for the dinner. "Last year can be summarized in a few words: in face of significant challenges, we made significant progress. I thank all of our team members for continued commitment and smart work to make Trane a stronger leader in Hong Kong. We shall continue to transform, better organize ourselves to serve our customers in an ever-changing competitive market and outsmart the competition in 2019." he said.

Chinese New Year 2019 falls on 5 February, Mr. Frankie Chan looks forward to continuing Trane's success journey. He also believes a new height of success will be reached by the marvelous support from valuable customers and continuous efforts of all team members. After Frankie's opening speech, Mr. Danis Chan, General Manager of Trane Service Hong Kong presented the prizes to the winners of "Trane Safety Award 2018". This further proves the fact that Trane always put Occupational Safety and Health as our first priority.

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