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03.2021 |Trane Technologies Named One of World’s Most Admired Companies by Fortune

03.2021 |Trane France Sintesis™ Screw Chillers Certified as Platinum-Rated CIC Green Product
特靈法國製Sintesis™螺桿式冷水機組 榮獲建造業議會綠色產品鉑金級認證

03.2021 |Trane Wins 2021 America's Most Trusted HVAC Brand for 7 Consecutive Years

02.2021 |Trane Digital FAT 2021: Continuing Our Connected Customer Experience (Feb 2021)
特靈2021年視像工廠驗收測試 持續帶來以客為尊的專業方案

02.2021 |Our Latest Video is Available on Trane Hong Kong YouTube Channel Now

02.2021 |Trane Technologies Named to Global 100 Most Sustainable Corporations

01.2021 |Trane Smart DC Fan Coil Unit Certified as Platinum Rated CIC Green Product
特靈Smart DC風機盤管榮獲建造業議會綠色產品鉑金級認證

01.2021 | New Year Greetings from Trane

01.2021 | Trane Review 2020

12.2020 | Trane Supports Hong Kong Report on the State of Sustainable Built Environment 2020

12.2020 | Trane Technologies Named to Dow Jones Sustainability North America Index for 10th Consecutive Year

11.2020 | Trane Digital FAT - A Greater Emphasis on Health & Safety for Our Connected Customer Experience
特靈視像工廠驗收測試 以客為本的安全健康體驗

10.2020 | Trane Hong Kong Receives Another Energy Award from Association of Energy Engineers

08.2020 | Trane Supports HKU to Groom Future Engineering Talents

07.2020 | New Digital Customer Experience Continues under New Normal
迎合新常態 特靈持續推行全新客戶體驗

07.2020 | Trane Expert @SOEHK Technical Webinar

06.2020 | New Digital Customer Experience in Trane Factory Acceptance Test

06.2020 | Innovative Technology for Smarter Tomorrows
特靈創科技術 智握未來

05.2020 | We Can Help You Manage Your Building's Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)!
特靈竭誠助您 提升室內空氣質素(IAQ)

05.2020 | Trane Technologies 2019 Annual & ESG Report is available NOW!

04.2020 | Trane Shared Green Best Practices with Hong Kong Green Shop Alliance

03.2020 | Our HVAC Solution Helps USA School District to Save OVER $47M
特靈高效環保空調方案 助美校區節省逾4700萬元

03.2020 | Trane Technologies Honored with 2020 Climate Leadership Awards

03.2020 | Challenging Possible for a Sustainable World
特靈科技:敢於挑戰 只為可持續發展的世界

03.2020 | A New Day as Trane Technologies

02.2020 | Trane Wins 2020 America's Most Trusted® HVAC Brand for 6th Consecutive Year

01.2020 | Trane Hong Kong Annual Dinner Party – Celebration of a Winning Year
特靈香港周年晚宴 同迎庚子金鼠年

01.2020 | Our CenTraVac™ Chillers Powering Multiple Platinum Rated K11 ATELIER King's Road
採用特靈CenTraVac™ 鉑金級商廈K11 ATELIER King's Road享高效環保優勢

01.2020 | Wish you a very happy new year


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HKUST is one of the top three higher education institutions in Hong Kong. TSHK has provided MVAC services to HKUST for over 20 years which include routine maintenance, repair and overhaul service for chiller units. Currently, thirteen sets of Trane water cooled centrifugal chillers provide more than 10,000 RT cooling capacity for HKUST Academic Buildings.